The come back of the Romper!  I remember as a kid I just loved wearing rompers and now I am just loving this carefree style. Quick and easy for the day - In this olive color it's perfect for day or night.  click here to order
  • more on this piece. 

  • 95% Polyester/5% Spandex
  • No lining
  • Pull-on style
  • Surplice V-neckline
  • Jersey fabric
  • Thread belt loops (belt included)

Here are some great fashion tips for this jumper -
 to add a little summer fun for that carefree look score a butterfly necklace to dress it up a bit for a hot summer day click here to order

  and for more summer fun slip on some cute sandles  click here to order

What I like about rompers is that everyone can look cute in them - If one area of your body is overly noticeable example if you are big busted just balance out your outfit a little by a ankle bracelet if you are a pear shape slip on some earrings . Have fun with it! Try different fashions.. just like recipes we are all different and even though there are fashion rules sometimes you should tweak things to make them RIGHT for YOU! Stay tuned for more fashion blogging along with all the other things that happen here when a girl from the suburbs marries a boy from the country :)

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